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Тип: ST26.22
EAN: 6418677410123
Имя: Stringing wheel cable groove diameter 50 mm, nylon with chain attachment, double pulley
Описание: Stringing wheel with two sheaves for angle poles. Sheaves are made of nylon and frame of galvanized steel. The frame solution of stringing wheel makes it possible to pull cable around corners. Chain attachment is simple and quick. In placing the sheaves, the necessary dimensions are to be taken into account when moving the cable to clamp. Distance between the shafts of sheaves is 200 mm. Breaking load is 6 kN in direction of the pole and 24 kN vertically to pole.
Упаковка: 3/60
Единица: PCS

Техническая спецификация
Вес (кг): 6.25
Breaking load kN: 6 / 24