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Тип: SDI3143.2
EAN: 6418677453618
Имя: Current limiting device for 20 kV pole mount transformers, complete set
Описание: The use of current limiting devices on transformer covers is as beneficial as when used in the protection of covered conductors. The number of high-speed automatic reclosures can be reduced significantly compared to the widely used power arc devices – thus, a resistant and maintenance-free protection method is achieved.

Ensto has renewed the product range of its current limiting devices for small transformers (< 200 kVA). A special attention has been given to easy usability:
• All necessary parts with one product code
• Easy to adjust surge arrester support
• Use of the familiar KG connector in connecting the bushing insulator of the transformer
• Easy to install protective covers

The set includes:
• 3 surge arresters and arc horns
• 3 connectors and arc horns to the bushing insulator of the transformer
• 3 protective covers with fasteners
• A surge arrester rack with fasteners and grounding connector

Упаковка: 1/
Единица: PCS

Техническая спецификация
Highest system voltage kV: 24
Rated discharge current kA: 10
Вес (кг): 12.5